Halloween Movie Quiz (Win Ammy Vouchers) #1

Reblogged from Kitty Horror:

Have now added some clues!


In the run up to the spooky season I've decided to run a little movie quiz each week and give peeps the chance to win some Ammy gift vouchers. To win the $15 dollar voucher you only have to correctly identify the movies from the pics, easy peasy.

The first one with the correct answers in the comments section wins the gift voucher. :)


This is the first of four quizzes I'll do so a few more chances to win if you don't get it this time. Okay, horror movie buffs at the ready.


Pic 1


2012 - a medical student delves into the world of underground surgery.



Pic 2


1997 - 7 strangers find themselves trying to escape an endless variety of booby trapped rooms.



Pic 3


1960 - After causing the disfigurement of his daughter, a surgeon kidnaps young woman, removing and grafting their faces in an attempt to restore his daughters looks.



Good luck :D