Dresden's War Cry by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher's the Dresden Files: War Cry - Mark Powers, Jim Butcher


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


This graphic novel collects issues #1-5 in the War Cry series with the story picking up several months after the end of the last novel and sees the White Council up against the Red Court in what seems to be a losing battle. After one battle wipes out many of the councils wardens they are forced to recruit inexperienced wizards as wardens as well as the 'black sheep' of the wizard world, Harry Dresden.

Dresden soon finds himself on a mysterious mission to help a group of mortals, his fellow wardens are all inexperienced and with only 4 in their group they are grossly outnumbered for the inevitable attacks. Their mission also seems highly suspicious with hardly any information pertaining as to why the humans need to be rescued. It soon becomes apparent that there is something far more important at stake and something that the Red Court are eager to get their hands on.

I'm not familiar with the world of Dresden and the story doesn't seem to require any previous knowledge of characters and situation, holding up very well as a stand alone series that newcomers can immerse themselves into.

The artwork was visually quite stunning but personally I like something a little more raw, not a major issue just personal preference. At time I thought it was difficult to tell some of the characters apart especially the female characters, this impacted with the flow of the story. The read was paced well and there was lots of action which meant that any character development was fairly minimal.

I very much enjoyed the read and would definitely recommend this for urban fantasy fans.