Bloodeye by Craig Saunders

Bloodeye - Craig Saunders


Keane Reid is called out to a plumbing job, as he looks for the source of the flooded pub he finds a young woman's corpse. She has been crucified and nailed to the wall, her eyes gouged out and a third eye carved into her forehead. With this mark, Keane knows that his past is catching up to him and whomever killed his wife 7 years ago is sending him a message.

This novella started out strongly, Keane makes for an engaging character and for the first half of the story you feel sure he is battling some other entity, the second half implies that he was more involved in his wife's demise than he will admit to. Saunders writing style uses short chapters to deliver quick, sharp shocks to the reader but the different time lines see the story losing it's impact.

Saunders themes of light and dark, good and evil are well explored. There are several quite graphic scenes that work really well, one at the end was extremely unsettling. Overall a good read that just misses the mark a little for me. I would highly recommend Deadlift for anyone looking to sample this authors work.