(Yet Another Belated) TBR Thursday #9


A round up of what I've read, am currently reading and added to the never-ending TBR pile.


What I've Added


This is unheard of for me, only 1 bought book added this past week. ;)




Netgalley Adds




Requesting from Netgalley




I've been requesting the zombie apocalypse book since Oct 24th, I wish the publisher would say yay or nay so I could get it off my request page.


What I've Read








What I'm Reading







Currently reading - 4

Read in last week - 5

Added to TBR - 1

NG adds - 4

TBR stands at - 1384


Perhaps a few more weeks of reduced book buying might see me make a bit more of a dent in my tbr.


Happy Reading :D