The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith - Susan Shultz

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Ainsley has suffered her share of heartache and now believes that her heart is dead, she spends her time tending to the graveyard at the back of her grandmother's property and conversing with the dead at night. Her last chance at happiness may be her relationship with Sam but dare she share her dark secrets with him.


This seemed like a good premise but I don't think the author really has a strong enough story in this. The main character isn't very relatable, she comes across as very flat at times although there were some nice scenes with a ghost as they bond over motherhood.


I also don't really understand why this is called The Blacksmith as his character is the one you learn least about, you're not told how he died and why his relationship with Ainsley is so controlling. It may be that this is all in Ainsley's head and that The Blacksmith only serves as something for her to excuse herself of accountability for her violent acts.


There are themes of loneliness and isolation but these are not well explored with the author simply repeating info instead of digging a bit deeper into Ainsley's character. It's quite a short read so perhaps I'm expecting too much but this didn't grab me enough to want to continue the series.