A round up of my reading year, my 2014 5* Reads and what's on for 2015.

I had a very mixed year for reading, mostly good and I managed to get past my revised book challenge of 125 with 163 books read. Some of those were graphic novels and shorter reads but I decided to include everything I read this year to help spur me on number wise.


I finished my Masters degree in July but was surprised to find that this didn't increase my reading over the next few months, after ditching several challenges and going with the flow a bit more I got my reading mojo back and breezed through the remaining months completing my A-Z and horror challenge, although I was pretty close to the wire with both.


I've already picked over 120 books that I'd like to get through this year but it's going to be a guide only and I'm not going to stress if I don't get to them all, here's the list.


My 5* Reads





Harry Potter hasn't lost it's magic and whilst A Christmas Carol was a re-read it was my first audible book, Tim Curry's narration was fantastic.





Darkfuse knocked it out of the park this year, they consistently put out decent work all year but these four were my favourites and well worthy of 5* status.


Graphic Novels



Amazing art work and stories that drew me in completely. I plan on upping my number of graphic novel reads in 2015.


Big page counts



I always find starting these large page count reads daunting, whilst I didn't get through everything + size that I had planned these were 3 amazingly good books.

NOS4A2 was the first Hill book where I thought things didn't drag. It was the perfect read to finish the year on.

I loved the characters in Summer of Night, each boy was fleshed out so well and I admired the author for crushing the reader with the untimely demise of some of his characters.

A Storm of Swords was amazing but because it was so good I'm reluctant to pick up the series again at the moment as I've read some reviews that slate book 4 and I want to hold onto the awesomeness that is book 3.


All the rest




Angel Dust Apocalypse - Beautiful short story collection that transcends the bizarro genre tag it's attached to.

Jack & Jill - Shocking story about abuse the ripples that it creates.

Draculas - Balls to wall vampire fun from 4 great writers having as much fun writing it as I did reading it.

Kumquat - Story of a burgeoning relationship that takes place on a road trip, Strand shows that he can handle any genre with ease.

Every Dead Thing - Hard edged thriller that deals with some unsavoury topics, the prose is beautiful and Connolly's ability to weave a complex story together makes this a series I will be continuing this year.

Pumpkin Cinema - Great resource for the spooky season, the author shows his love the genre with his vast knowledge and behind the scenes info.

A Christmas Horror Story - No cutesy pie xmas story here, this one has teeth.


Some special mentions



2014 Overview


Books read - 163

5* Reads - 22

4.5* - 30

4* - 74

3.5* - 18

3* - 14

2.5* - 2

2* - 3

Pages read 2014 - 27058

Pages read 2013 - 21944