7th Sword

7th Sword - Nelson,  II Blake, John Raffo, Nur Iman

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Daniel Clay is a mercenary for hire who finds himself at ZenZion, a peaceful desert city that is now being threatened by a powerful warlord. When the city officials become aware of his skills, they ask him to train some of the citizens in the art of samurai swordplay and begin to work on their defences for the oncoming attack. In return for his help, they will ensure Daniel is given passage back to earth but as the attack draws nearer Daniel is conflicted over his role in their doomed future.

I really liked this graphic novel, even though the art is a style that is not my favourite I still though it was pretty amazing. The panels were clean, crisp, nicely detailed and consistent for all 7 issues.

The story itself was extremely engaging and I read this in one sitting, not wanting to put it down until I found out how it all ended. Daniel was a great character, there wasn't a lot in his back story but the story arc of redemption for his past sins was nicely done. The other character I really liked was Kathleen, she assumed the leadership role in ZenZion after her father died and was determined to fight hard against the warlord when they came under attack even though it was constantly pointed out as being a hopeless cause. She was incredibly gutsy and it was easy to connect with her right from the start.

A great story with beautiful artwork. Highly recommended.