Masters of Blood and Bone

Master of Blood and Bones - Craig Saunders

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Holland is an ex-cop who now works as a paranormal investigator and has been given the task of retrieving a rare book. Once found, he soon realises the book is dangerous and is horrified when his daughter, Ank, reads it, unleashing a dark wizard to the world.

Ank is imprisoned within the book and with this act the wizard sets in motion a series of events that will end with the ultimate fight between good and evil.


Craig Saunders has yet again put together something impossible to put down once started, his writing flows beautifully and although at times the storyline felt as though it was beginning to lose coherence, the author kept it moving along nicely, pulling all the threads of the story together to a satisfying ending.

Character wise I had a love/hate relationship with Holland, I couldn't quite warm up to him completely however I loved his witty and sharp dialogue, I'm not sure quite what was missing for me with him. His relationship with Ank was one of the things I liked best about him, engaging and it made me feel a bit more invested in what was going to happen to him.

The pacing was fast and as with other reads from this author, the chapters were short and snappy making it easy to get through this very quickly as it was impossible to not keep reading.

Overall this was a very entertaining read, dark, violent and with two engaging main characters. Recommended.