In Search of Lost Dragons

In Search of Lost Dragons HC - Elian Black'Mor, Carine-M, Jezequel

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


A reporter journeys from Europe to Asia in search of dragons keeping a journal of their discoveries as well as people and places they visit on their journey.


There's only one word to describe this, beautiful.

The artwork is so rich in colour and detail it really is amazing to look at. This would be a stunning coffee table book and it would probably be nicer to read as a hardcover as the e-arc split some of the illustrations into separate pages which detracted from the overall impact.

As a journal of the reporters journey it doesn't really work as well with there being no real plot to speak of it would have been better just to include the pictures and drawings from each area without trying to give it more depth. Another small gripe is that the font and size of writing is almost impossible at times to read, this makes it hard to keep up with any 'plot' developments and I ended up just concentrating more on the pictures.

Those small gripes aside this really is an absolutely gorgeous book and I had no problem giving it a high star rating. For lovers of beautiful art books, this is a must have.