The Hallow

The Hallow - Keith Deininger

I received an E-arc from Darkfuse Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


James comes home drunk one night and finds a woman in his house, she goes through to his bedroom and dies shortly after they discover her. Once they get rid of her body, James starts to notice odd changes to his neighbourhood and to his roommate who has taken to staying in his room instead of being his usual outgoing self.

At a party, James meets Allie who takes him to a place where a huge tree stands, the Hallow. Is it James' drug fuelled lifestyle that is skewing his view on the world around him or is it something more sinister at play.

This was a cracking novella, surreal and trippy it seriously messes with your head as you wonder what is real and what is just in James' druggy imagination. Even though James is a difficult character to empathise with you can't help but feel pulled into this story and what is happening around him.

The pacing was spot on and the only thing I would say was that it lost me a little bit just right at the end but all in all a fantastic novella.