Boom Town by Glenn Rolfe

Boom Town - Glenn Rolfe

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


The small town of Eckert has been experiencing strange phenomenon for years, starting with the sighting of a U.F.O along with nightly ground tremors or 'booms' as they are known locally. People have started to disappear in the town and two inquisitive teens, Brady and Kim, find a strange blue slime near Allan Packards Flea Market. Brady comes in contact with the slime and is seriously hurt which only makes him more anxious to find out what the slime is and where it came from. Unknown to Brady and Kim it has already affected a town member and they will stop at nothing to appease the force behind the 'booms'.


This novella really packed a punch, a very different novella to the authors first and one that shows his burgeoning talent as a writer. The story itself is well written, the writing flows fluently and the pacing is spot on for most of the read but for me fell off a little at the end.


The story is told mostly from the perspective of one of the older town residents and through Brady and Kim. Their perspective is engaging and maintains a certain innocence to the goings on which nicely offsets the gorier aspects of the read. One thing that bothered me about the flow and pacing was the introduction of Brady's cousin towards the end, I didn't think he added anything to the story especially after the author had done such a great job in setting up Brady and Kim as an inquisitive duo. The inclusion of a third person just didn't sit right in the story. The books ending also felt a little abrupt, not a bad ending to the book but felt a bit rushed.


This was a really enjoyable read and many will love the fun b-movie feel to it, the nicely drawn characters and the coming of age aspects.