The Asylum for Fairy-Tale Creatures by Sebastian Gregory

The Asylum for Fairy-tale Creatures - Sebastian Gregory

What if the characters in fairy tales don't live happily ever after. What if they are so traumatised by their adventure that they need to be institutionalised and treated. This is the premise of this read and one that puts an new twist on fairy tales.

Little Red Riding Hood is accused of murdering her grandmother however she is adamant that a wolf is responsible, no one believes her and she is carted off to the fairy tale asylum. The asylum is run by Dr Grimm who hands out some harsh treatment to 'cure her', we also find out more about the other inhabitants of the asylum as Gregory cleverly weaves in other fairy tale characters and the real end to their stories.

This had such a great premise, I really enjoyed the darker take on popular fairy tales. This is a fairly short read and is broken up into chapters depicting not only the story of LRRH but also her companions; Thumbeana and Thread Bear and also notes on other asylum patients from Dr Grimms notebook.

Whilst the premise was good the execution unfortunately was not. The stories didn't flow very well and there were numerous missing words, missing letters from words, lack of punctuation and poor sentence structure. There were times when I thought chapters in the book had been cut off, due to sentences finishing abruptly with no full stop and sentences not making sense. I really felt the editing with this let it down which is a shame as it's quite engaging.

This is a far cry from the authors excellent 'A Christmas Horror Story' and whilst it's dark and gruesome in parts it lacks the flow and characterisation of the other novella.