Skinshift by Lisa von Biela

Skinshift - Lisa von Biela

I received an E-arc from Darkfuse Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Dominic has been left for dead in the desert by his partners after he botched a casino robbery, killing a woman in the process and therefore labelling himself a liability. Dex and Marco think they have dealt with Dominic and are laying low until the commotion dies down.  Unfortunately for them Dominic has managed to survive against all odds and is plotting his revenge, if he can get back to civilisation that is.

Thirsty, hungry and weak from the beating, a chance encounter with a desert animal saves his life and puts him on a new path that will see him exact his revenge.


This started off really well, the pacing was fast and the characters seemed interesting although lacking in detail. Around the mid way point the novella sticks with Dominic and becomes repetitive and bogged down as he encounters more in the desert but each chapter is really no different to the last with him. There's also some info regarding the water, it being possibly poisonous and a green glow but nothing is really explained satisfactorily and I wondered why it had been included.


The end saw several new characters being added which was a little frustrating but the action picked up again and I really loved the final chapter.

A decent enough read but seemed too straight forward plot wise with not enough character development.