Heathen #3

Heathen #3 - Natasha Alterici

Saga implores Brynhild to go after Freyja and Aydis, however she is reluctant until he reminds her of what a Valkyrie should be. Meanwhile, Aydis awakes at Odin's palace, Freyja shows her around and Aydis makes the mistaken assumption that people are being forced to stay there. Freyja also tells of how Brynhild has had many people jump through the fire and rescue her, her story shows how awful Odin's curse is and that Freyja thinks she is doing what's right for both Aydis and Brynhild by keeping them apart.
Aydis is determined to break the curse and so Freyja helps her, providing her with a companion and her horse to meet up with Brynhild, who has gone to seek help from an old love.
Another amazing issue, I especially loved the story that Freyja told of Brynhilds lost love. This made her a far more likeable character than in the second issue. I had thought she was in league with Odin but her actions appear to out of genuine concern for her new and old friend.
The art is just as amazing as in previous issues, however the detail was slightly lacking in the panels that showed Freyja telling Brynhilds story. They were still good just not as eye catching as some of the other panels.
Saga didn't get much to do in this issue but hopefully the next one will feature him more.
Another fantastic issue and highly recommended.