Spawn #11

Spawn #11 - Frank Miller

Spawn is back in the alleyway but finds that gang warfare is on his doorstep. After a member of the Creeps is killed by a Nerd, Spawn decides he needs to get rid of them. He has to find a way to do it without using his powers and so decides to pit them against each other, waiting til one is left before he joins the fight.

As the dead litter the alleyway, Spawn tells his homeless friends that the alley is there's again, they just have to wait for the police to clear things up before they can settle back in.


I'm not sure why but this one didn't work for me as well as the others have so far. I felt the story was a bit weaker in this issue, I wasn't a fan of the gang story arc so this one just didn't do as much for me as other issues.