Hellspawn #7

Hellspawn #7 - Brian Michael Bendis, Ashley Wood
Twitch and Sam enlist the aid of Mike Moran, exchanging information that will benefit each party in their search for the truth. Meanwhile Jason Wynn is visited in a secure location by his replacement, John Damascus. Wynn has become unhinged after his last encounter with Spawn and the agent leaves with no useful info.
Spawn is now going through a transformation, one that sees him defy those that offered him his deal. He also sees a vision from his future where he will face off against true evil. He has now found his focus and is reborn.
Another issue I could actually follow without feeling lost, the art was again amazing and it was good to see that Spawn has decided to play his own game and outsmart those who think they have him bested. As much as I liked that Jason Wynn is suffering I don't think much of his replacement and am sure he will be a significant problem for Spawn.