Hellspawn #8

Hellspawn #8 - Ashley Wood, Steve Niles

Spawn thinks he is saving a young girl from an abusive relationship but his actions set something in motion that opens a door to true evil.
Cy-Gor has been captured by the agency and is to be used to capture Spawn, John Damascus has ensured the man/animal hybrid mutation will obey orders by implanting a microchip that can deliver an excruciating amount of pain in response to any disobedience.
The story of the abusive relationship really drew me in, cementing Spawn as an anti-hero who will later regret his actions. The parts with Cy-Gor show Damascus to be just as ruthless as Wynn and the scene where Damascus calls Cy-Gor by his once human name gives a hint that Cy-Gor and Spawn may know each other from their past lives.