Hellspawn #9

Hellspawn #9 - Ashley Wood, Steve Niles

A young girl comes back from the dead and Spawn is given a message from the Rat City homeless that threatens an epic battle. Damascus is using Cy-Gor to tidy up all the agencies loose ends but is horrified when Cy-Gor becomes resistent to the implanted microchip, Cy-Gor has his own agenda and it's one that involves the destruction of Spawn.
Mike Moran is on the look out for a story and thinks the large influx of homeless in Rat City could be it, he instead encounters Cy-Gor.
This was another very readable issue that I managed to keep up with. I can't help but feel sorry for Cy-Gor as he's being manipulated by Damascus to do his dirty work. I'm looking forward to finding out more about his history with Spawn although as with the rest of the series so far it probably won't explain nearly enough to satisfy me.