Hellspawn #10

Hellspawn #10 - Ashley Wood, Steve Niles

Spawn and Cy-Gor come face to face and one time friends are now deadly enemies. Damascus turns up and gives Cy-Gor a reminder of who is now pulling his strings. Cy-Gor seems to have bested Spawn and Damascus realises that Spawn is Al Simmons. Whilst he enjoys what he thinks is Spawns last moments, Spawn shows himself in all his undead glory.
Meanwhile, the young girl that Spawn thought he'd saved is now pregnant with a demon that will battle Spawn for hell's throne.
Spawn is trying to reach the human part of Cy-Gor, that of Mike Koninsky. Whilst he hasn't connected to him yet, he's not far off and I think that Damascus is in for a nasty shock when he does. I liked the panels with the young girl, her meeker nature has now been taken over by whatever resides in her and she is taking no nonsense from anyone.