TBR Update #34

Thanks to Moonlight Reader for the TBR update idea.


A round up of what I've read, am currently reading and added to the never-ending TBR pile.


What I've Added




Netgalley adds




Netgalley requesting 




What I've read


The Rising: Author's Preferred Edition - Brian Keene 4*


What I"m Reading



Little Girls - Ronald Malfi 28% 

Serial Killers Uncut - J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn,Blake Crouch 79%

We Are Monsters - Brian Kirk 11%

The Elementals - Michael Rowe,Michael McDowell 10%

Abandon - Blake Crouch 10%

Blackwater I: The Flood - Michael McDowell 21%




Currently reading - 6
Read during week - 1
Added to TBR - 0
NG adds - 0(total to review - 26)
TBR stands at - 1345


I hardly did any reading last week due to excessive watching of the Olympics. In a way I'm glad it's all over but it was great to watch and I felt sad as it came to a close.


One of the best moments of the games.



Hope everyone had a great week. :)