Written in Red (Vampires vs. Werewolves)

Written in Red - Anne Bishop








Engrossing story of Meg, a blood prophet who escapes her controller and takes refuge in an area where The Others reside. The Others are all types of supernatural entities who have an uneasy co-existence with humans. To bridge the gap they employ Meg as their liaison and she soon begins to get to grips with the work as well as befriend some of the Others. Certain external factions, including her controller are seeking to ruin her new life but the Others have now taken to Meg and won't give her up without a fight.


Blitzed through this in 2 days, I literally couldn't stop reading and whilst this isn't usually what I would pick up I was impressed with how engaged I was with this read. The characters were likeable but were still appropriately menacing when needed and whilst some of the storyline was cute it stopped short of being twee. Looking forward to reading more in the series.







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