Graveyard Blues (Grave or Graveyard)

Graveyard Blues (Night Blues, #1) - Reina Salt







Hettie Reid is left in a shallow grave by a serial killer who happens to be a monster from American folklore. Due to consuming some of it's blood she comes back from the dead and seeks the help of an ex detective to help her stop the killer and get revenge.

There was just way too much going on in this, it was difficult to keep things straight and though it should have been a short read it took me several days to get through as the pacing was so inconsistent. Folklore, voodoo and other mythology is all thrown into this book and it just felt like there was too many characters and myths being pushed out to really care about the central plot. I also didn't really care for the characters and just found them annoying instead of engaging.

There's lots of good reviews for this so it might just be me,  the authors writing itself was good at times although i felt she went overboard with some of her prose.

I won't be continuing with the series.






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