FIRST BINGO!!! Falling Angel ('Fall' into a good book)

Falling Angel: A Novel - William Hjortsberg




Harry Angel is a private detective, hired by a mysterious client to find singer, Johnny Favourite. His investigations soon point to a man who was heavily involved in black magic, finding him will be difficult enough without all of Harry's leads turning up dead as one by one they are taken out.

I've seen the movie of this book and although there are some similarities they are vastly different. I liked the character of Angel even though he played fast and loose with the law, he was well written and even though some of his actions were morally dubious you were still rooting for him to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The first half of the book started really strong but did lose it's way a bit two thirds in, the pacing seemed to slack off and it wasn't quite as engaging making it easy to put down. The final 6-8 chapters soon picked it up again and whilst the ending was no surprise to me, having seen the movie, it was still a great twist.

Well worth picking up if you like crime noir mixed with horror.





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