The Rain Dancers - Greg F. Gifune (It was a dark and stormy night)

The Rain Dancers - Greg F. Gifune




Will and Betty have returned to Betty's childhood home to prepare her deceased father's house to sell. During a heavy rainstorm, an elderly man, Bob Laurent, turns up on their doorstep claiming to be a good friend of Betty's father. Whilst she doesn't remember Bob, they invite him in and listen to him reminiscing about her father. Will begins to feel uncomfortable with the man, especially his over familiarity with Betty and his strange attitude towards Will. As the night progresses the old man will bring up childhood memories that Betty has tried hard to suppress and Will learns some horrifying truths about his wife's small town life.
This was one creepy, atmospheric read. Pretty much as soon as Bob shows up the tension starts and is slowly ratcheted up as his true persona is revealed. Bob made my skin crawl and his scenes with Will are especially nerve shredding.
With the other characters, Will is well written and I felt I got to know him more than Betty whom I think the author left a bit more blank for maximum shock value once all is revealed.
Pacing was excellent and it's definitely something you'll want to read all in one sitting. The author's usual ambiguity is missing in this novella and it's a welcome change not to wonder if you've got the story worked out right.
Well written, engaging novella that has one of the most evil antagonists I've come across in a while.






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