Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop (Young Adult Horror)

Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop



Set just a few weeks after Written in Blood, the courtyard residents are hearing reports of humans attacking terre indegene in other cities and the increased usage of drugs 'gone over wolf' and 'feel good'. Meg is also having visions about the safety of the others, both in the courtyard and elsewhere in the district. In the Controllers compound, the girls are speaking prophecies of death and destruction to all questions hinting at a war to commence between humans and Others.
Another great read and I'm still enjoying the world building that the author presents, the world has expanded slightly to include intuits and also Others from different areas that come to the courtyard to discuss the attacks.
Meg is still being fiercely protected by the courtyard and at times it's a little tiresome although with the prophecies she's speaking it's not difficult to see why they're all over her. Although it was great having new characters added into the world, I did miss having more scenes with the courtyard residents from the first book, especially Tess who is still quite a mystery among the others. I also missed Erebus, his time in the book was too short.
Simon was also a bit less engaging in this book, I prefer him as an alpha male wolf not a whiny puppy who is obsessing over Meg all the time. I know it's a matter of time before the 'romance' starts but I really hope it doesn't go in this direction.
Quite a few scenes made me laugh especially around the others perception of female humans and why they do things and Simon's authority being inadvertently challenged due to some of their 'take charge' initiative.
I'm still not sure why I'm loving this series as there is plenty that should annoy me but for the moment these books are like chocolate for me, impossible to stop consuming once started.






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