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Catherine's life is turned upside down when she recognises herself in a book that was mysteriously sent to her. The book, 'The Perfect Stranger', chronicles a dark secret from her past, one that she wants to remain hidden.

Stephen is an elderly gentleman who seems to be hell bent on ruining Catherine's life, enacting revenge for a tragedy that happened many years ago. He's responsible for publishing the book but this is only part of his plan and he's going to ensure Catherine pays dearly for her past.

This isn't the usual read I pick up but it was recommended by someone on GR, I'm very thankful for the rec as this was a highly enjoyable thriller that kept me guessing as to what Catherine's secret past really was. There are quite a few red herrings and I certainly didn't see things playing out as they did which made it all the better. No pretty ending here but one that I felt fit the story and was satisfying.

The two narrators did a fantastic job in bringing the characters to life. Catherine is a successful career woman who is happily married to Robert. Her failings seem to be as a mother, a role that she has never felt at ease with. She is an engaging character and it was easy to feel invested in what would happen to her.

The other narrator provided the voice of Stephen, he's out for vengeance over something he thinks Catherine did 20 years ago. At times it's really shocking to hear his hatred for Catherine especially when his plans to ruin her life take on more sinister tones. Whilst his actions are awful I still felt sorry for him, missing his dead wife and letting his grief turn to hatred.

Each audio chapter was alternated between the two characters, this kept the pacing tight and it was all too easy to start the next chapter to get closer to the true details of the incident.

Highly recommended.






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