Black Cat Mojo - Adam Howe (Black Cat)

Black Cat Mojo - Adam Howe




A book of three novellas and one short story.


'Of Badgers & Porn Dwarves'

Rummy is a once famous dwarf porn actor, he has now hit almost rock bottom and is in big to the local bookie. To get his slate wiped clean he must use his 'sizeable' assets to help said bookie and hired muscle, con an ageing pederast. Further complications are a car crash, killer badger, rednecks and their morbidly obese mother.

'Jesus in a dogs ass'

Hank is laid off and buys a video camera with his redundancy money, he thinks he will manage to entice his uptight wife into making home made porn and earn a fortune. To try out the camera he videos his wife's dog pooping, his wife sees the video and claims that the dog has the image of Jesus in the fur round his anus. Now everyone wants to see the dog and Hank's savvy wife is making sure they are paying  for the privilege. Add into the mix two incredibly inept criminals, dog napping and super strength laxatives.

'Frank, The Snake & The Snake'

Frank used to work for 'The Snake' a vicious mob boss who was responsible for his criminal gangs demise. Frank gave evidence putting 'The Snake' away but has been looking over his shoulder ever since. He thinks he's been found out by a young man, Stevie, who takes an interest in him and ends up being blackmailed into going with him on a job. Stevie hasn't been honest with Frank about why he wants him to go with along but all becomes clear when they arrive at their destination.

'The Mad Butcher of Plainfields Chariot of Death'

A short story about Ed Geins car, bought by Bunny Gibbons and used as a carnival attraction. No one is coming to his ghoulish attraction, Bunny believes it's because he went against his mother's wishes on spending his inheritance and that the car in cursed. Depressed about the failure of his attraction, Bunny is relieved when it looks like his fortunes have turned but all is not what it seems.


Overall I enjoyed all the stories but the first two were definitely my favourites. The first story had me cackling with laughter, this story was all kinds of wrong but oh so right. The characters were all well done and the dialogue was witty and sharp.

The third story was probably my least favourite, I think the pacing was different from the first two stories, there was something sad about the life that Frank had lived.

The last story was just straight up horror and reminded me of 'Tales from the crypt'.


Highly recommended collection, especially for those that like their humour pitch black.






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