Strange Sex

Strange Sex - Kevin Strange, D.F. Noble

Not a short story collection for the faint hearted.

Overall this was a bit inconsistent but pretty enjoyable collection with a couple of stand out stories.


'Foreigner" - D.F. Noble


Creepy, gory and highly disturbing, one man is taken over by something otherworldly that wears him like a skin using him to rape and murder his family and neighbours.

Very engaging story with a truly unique feel to it.


'Lips' - Jesse Wheeler


A man is cursed by a gypsy when he takes something precious from her. The curse gives him lady parts where his lips should be and an insatiable need for man juice.


Be warned, there's a lot of sex and violence in this but I thought there was some really good writing in the collection. For those that aren't bothered by gore and sex you could do worse than give this a shot.