Zom-B Underground

Zom-B Underground: 2 - Darren Shan
The continuation of B as she is turned into a zombie and finds herself in a facility that is experimenting and observing zombies. We find out there are two kinds, reviveds; your standard, brain loving zombie and revitalised; sentient zombies whom the military are keen to find out more about.
B is still struggling with her decision to throw a kid from her school to the zombies and is trying to make amends in some small way by changing how she views and treats others. Most of the book is taken up with her new undead existence and life in zomb HQ with the other retivalised teens. I still don't find her that likeable but she did grow on me a bit in this book especially seeing her personal growth where she refuses to kill other zombies, still seeing them as human.

The other characters were not developed that fully, this is a short read but I think the author could have spent a bit more time fleshing out the other revitalised, giving them more backstory and how they got to be at HQ.
I've got the next couple of books in the series, whilst I enjoyed the book I'm not sure I would go out and buy more of the series if I didn't already have them.
Hopefully the next book has a bit more content in it.