Unsaid: A Novel - Neil Abramson, Angela Brazil, Hachette Audio

I thought this had a great premise, a newly deceased vet, Helena, watches over her lawyer husband David, friends and pets whilst they cope with their loss. Helena's friend, J.C, asks David to take on a case involving a chimpanzee used for research, Cindy. Cindy can sign and J.C wants her recognised as a non human person and not put back into the pool of chimps used for research where she will most likely die. A difficult case and one where David learns a few home truths about his wife, friends and animals.
I was really expecting this to be a much more emotional read and whilst I did wipe away a few tears it all felt a little anticlimactic by the end. I enjoyed Helena's stories of how she met people in her life through their pets, bonding over the loss of a beloved animal but towards the end I felt the writing was emotionally manipulative without managing to draw me into the situation enough.
I listened to this through Scribd audible and I thought the narrator wasn't that great, perhaps the read would have had more impact with someone different.
An interesting premise that didn't quite deliver enough.