Halloween Bingo Update #1

Feed - Mira Grant First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones Mr Mercedes - Stephen King


It's a slow start for me and I haven't finished one book yet.



I'm very jealous of all those that have already posted finishing several, I need to kick my reading up a gear.


Halloween Bingo Card





Bingo Calls



Cosy Mystery

In the Dark, Dark Woods


Reading List


The Dead Will Walk - Feed 20%

Aliens -

Supernatural -

Werewolves -

Chilling Children -

Haunted Houses -

Vampires -

Magical Realism -

Monsters -

Diverse Voices -

Witches -

Ghost - First Grave on the Right 48%

Free Square Mr Mercedes 5%

80's Horror -

Terrifying Women -

American Horror Story -

Genre: Horror -

Country House Mystery -

Darkest London -

Modern Masters of Horror -

Classic Noir -

Demons -

Romantic Suspense -

In the Dark, Dark Woods -

Serial/Spree Killer -





 I'm not sure why but I'm having huge problems with Pic Monkey, it won't let me edit and keeps freezing. I've had to download the IOS app, use the stickers from there, save to my photos, add it to BL, save the draft and then open it up again on my PC. Aaarrrgghhh. Anyone else having any issues?