Halloween Bingo Update #2

Feed - Mira Grant Mr Mercedes - Stephen King It - Stephen King


Hooray, I've finished 1 book for HB!!!



Halloween Bingo Card


Bingo Calls



Cozy Mystery

In the Dark, Dark Woods


Locked Room Mystery


Reading List


The Dead Will Walk - Feed 20%

Aliens -

Supernatural -

Werewolves -

Chilling Children -

Haunted Houses -

Vampires -

Magical Realism -

Monsters -

Diverse Voices -

Witches -

Ghost - First Grave on the Right 10/9

Free Square Mr Mercedes 5%

80's Horror - It 2%

Terrifying Women -

American Horror Story -

Genre: Horror -

Country House Mystery -

Darkest London -

Modern Masters of Horror -

Classic Noir -

Demons -

Romantic Suspense -

In the Dark, Dark Woods -

Serial/Spree Killer -


A slight change of plan as I decided to re-read It by Stephen King, this will be for the 80's horror square.I've just seen the movie which was great fun, I highly recommend it.






Pic Monkey is still playing up on Firefox, so I had to switch to IE where it is behaving as it should.


I leave you with lovely Pennywise the Clown.