Halloween Bingo Update #3

It - Stephen King Mr Mercedes - Stephen King The Turn of the Screw - Henry James Succubi - Edward Lee The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black - E.B. Hudspeth


2nd book read!!



Not exactly speeding through them but Feed was 600 pages. Maybe some shorter reads next.


Pic Monkey won't let me save anything til I sign up for all the features so I've also moved to BeFunky.


Here's what my bingo card is looking like now.




Bingo Calls



Cozy Mystery

In the Dark, Dark Woods

Genre: Horror

Locked Room Mystery

Murder Most Foul



Modern Masters of Horror

Terrifying Women

Diverse Voices 

Haunted Houses


Reading List


The Dead Will Walk - Feed 21/9 

Aliens -

Supernatural - Succubi 12%

Werewolves -

Chilling Children -

Haunted Houses -The Turn of the Screw 24%

Vampires -

Magical Realism -

Monsters -The Resurrectionist 33%

Diverse Voices -

Witches -

Ghost - First Grave on the Right 10/9 

Free Square Mr Mercedes 11%

80's Horror - It 7%

Terrifying Women -

American Horror Story -

Genre: Horror -

Country House Mystery -

Darkest London -

Modern Masters of Horror -

Classic Noir -

Demons -

Romantic Suspense -

In the Dark, Dark Woods -

Serial/Spree Killer -