24 Festive Tasks: Door 3 Melbourne Cup Day



hosted by Murder by Death, Themis-Athena, and Moonlight Snow





Task 1: Pick your ponies!  MbD has posted the horses scheduled to race; everyone picks the three they think will finish (in any order).  


 Cross Counter - 1 point + 1 point for participation ( I think, correct me in the comments if I'm wrong on this).


Task 2:  Cup day is all about the hats.  Post a picture of your favorite hat, whether it’s one you own or not.


Not a lover of hats, any hat I wear would be a woolly hat, bucket or baseball cap. 

Here are out there hat creations I found online.




Task 3: The coloring of the “horse of a different color” in the movie version of The Wizard of Oz was created by rubbing the horse’s fur with jello. What’s the weirdest use of jello you’ve ever come across?


I found a recipe for making your own lip gloss using Jello. I haven't tried it but I'd never think of using it for this.


10 Alternative Uses for Jello


Task 4: Have you ever been to or participated in a competition involving horses (racing, jumping, dressage, whatever)? Tell us about it. Photos welcome, too!


As a youngster I competed in pony club competitions, I gave it up when went to nursing college but my sister still has horses and regularly competes in dressage and show jumping.

Here I am at 14 years old on my pony Sunni doing cross country at Bruckley Castle.




Book: about horses or a horse on the cover.  Books with roses on the cover or about gardening; anything set in Australia.






3* read 27/11


6 points earned for Door 3


Total = 17