24 Festive Tasks: Door 2 Guy Fawkes Night








Task 1:  Burn a book in effigy.  Not that anyone of us would do such a thing, but if you HAD to, which book would be the one you’d sacrifice to the flames (gleefully or not)?





So boring, it felt like the same story just repeated multiple times. The only book I've ever DNF'd. 


Task 2:  List your top 3 treasonous crimes against books.  Not ones you’ve committed, but the ones you think are the worst.


1. Banning or censoring. A big no no for me. Here is a list of the 50 most challenged books - https://www.bannedbooksweek.org.uk/banned-books/50-banned-books/


2. Not returning books. If someone has been nice enough to loan you a treasured book, you read it as soon as and then return it. To do otherwise is a dick move.


3. Defacing books, do it in your own books not in library books. Just selfish.


Task 3:  Share your favorite / most memorable BBQ recollections or recipe, or your favorite recipe for food “flambé” (i.e., doused with alcohol which is then set aflame and allowed to burn off).


Pass, I'm not a BBQ or flambe person.


Task 4:  Find 5 uses of the word “gunpowder” in book titles in contexts other than for blowing up things or shooting people (e.g., Gunpowder Green by Laura Childs = tea).


Gunpowder Moon - David Pedreira (moon exploration)

Gunpowder Alchemy - Jeannie Lin (fiction - engineering??)

Gunpowder Soup - Karl Wiggins (humour)

Gunpowder Alley - John Rowland (Fiction - thriller)

Gunpowder Witch - Jordan Williams (Alternative Salem witch trials).


Book:  Set in the UK, or a political thriller; a book involving any monarchy or revolution; books about arson or related to burning.





That should be 4 points for me, not sure of my total at the moment. I'm doing a bit of catch up just now so will post another update soon with points.


4 points earned for Door 2

Total = 6