24 Festive Tasks: Door 11 Russian Mother's Day




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Task 1:  Tell us: What is the mother of all writerly sins in your book (tropes, grammar mistakes, telling instead of showing, etc.)?


I hate it when the language or details don't keep in tone with the book setting. I've come across this a few times where the clothing, food or speech/word usage seems out of place. It pulls me out of the story and I find it difficult to concentrate on what is actually happening. 

An example I could give is The Paper Magician. The setting appeared to be turn of the century UK but the author included details like cooking pasta, using plastic and other modern details that didn't feel authentic. Very annoying.


Task 2: Do you have a favorite Mothers’ Day memory that you are happy to share? Photos welcome but optional.


I can't think of any Mother's Day that really stands out. Living in Oz usually meant I was out of sync with UK Mother's Day date as it's different in Oz. This year it was nice to be home and spend it with my mum. 


Task 3: Perhaps the best-known scene in the James Bond novel and film From Russia With Love is 007 being poisoned by Russian agent Rosa Klebb with a venom-laced blade hidden in her shoe. Tell us: Have you ever owned any particular / outrageous / funny / best-beloved or otherwise special pair of shoes? Post a photo if you should still own them.



These are the only pair of 'designer' shoes I will ever be able to afford. I got these online at Jimmy Choo UK for just over £100 which is pretty inexpensive compared to the rest of their line. I've never seen their shoes discounted as much since so I'm pretty happy I got these when I did. 

(Can't get the pic the right way round)



Task 4: Make a traditional Russian dish like borscht, blintzes, pirogi or solyanka soup, and share a picture with us. Find recipe suggestions here: https://www.expatica.com/ru/about/Top-10-Russian-foods-and-recipes_108678.html


Pass on this.


Book: Read a book set in Russia, or involving a story within a story / play within a play (like the Russian matryoshka dolls stuck inside each other), or where a key character (not necessarily the protagonist) is a mother.


Saga Volume 4 - Brian K. Vaughan,Fiona Staples 


Alana is mother to baby Hazel. 

(Love this series)


5* read 11/12/18


4 points earned for Door  11


Total - 55


Boo has been very naughty and bitten out her stitches so I've had to put her in a pet shirt. It must be restricting her quite a bit, if she were human I would think she was plastered as she keeps stumbling and falling about.