24 Festive Tasks: Door 8 Penance Day




hosted by Murder by Death, Themis-Athena, and Moonlight Snow






Task 1:  “Confess” your book habits.  Dog-earring?  Laying books face down?  Bending back the spines? Skimming?  OR: Confess your guilty reading pleasure, or comfort reads.


I'll confess my guilty reading pleasure. I love Sophie Kinsella and have read a lot of her books. The Shopaholic series was a particular guilty pleasure of mine and even though it's pretty much run it's course I will devour the next one like it's chocolate cake.



Task 2:  It’s “Pennants” day according to MbD’s husband:  post a picture of your favorite team’s logo / mascot and the last time they’ve won a championship (or not).



Team GBR


I'm a fan of showjumping and always look forward to GB competing in the olympics. The team didn't fare that well in 2016 but won the gold in 2012. 



Nick Skelton won the individual gold in Brazil in 2016 which was an amazing.accomplishment for him.





Task 3: In centuries gone by, penance would often end up in what might be described as a very extended bad hair day (complete with sackcloth and ashes). Tell us: What’s a bad hair day to you – and what (if anything) do you do about it?


Some of the worst days I've had have just been a combination of small irritations that just pick away at you. It's usually always started off with me sleeping in,  making me late for work and feeling like I'm several steps behind for the entire day. It's impossible to catch up and usually I just feel resigned to riding it out and getting through the day and putting it behind me. 


Task 4: Early Christian spiritualists would sometimes do penance by spending time in the desert. If you’ve ever visited a desert region (or even live there), post a picture and tell us about it. Alternatively, post a picture of sand dunes (NOT with water in the background!).


I can't recall ever visiting a desert but if I had a choice of visiting one it would be the Gobi desert.



Book:  Read any book concerning a man / woman of the cloth, a book about a character hiding a guilty secret or searching for absolution.


Odd Man Out - Pete Kahle,James R. Newman 


3.5* read 5/12


5 points earned for Door 8


Total = 35