The Rose Master

The Rose Master - Valentina Cano


*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Anne is a housemaid who is forced to take a new job at Rosewood Manor. Once there, she notices that all is not as it should be. Only three other people work at Rosewood, they are all mysteriously bruised and scratched and something is scratching at her door at night. The master, Lord Grey, is battling a supernatural evil, one that is now targeting Anne and means to end them both.

This was an okay read, I think the author was going for a gothic feel but there was no tension in the story telling. Any build up of Anne's first couple of days at Rosewood Manor was ruined by two characters telling her everything about the supernatural elements, there was no mystery to it and the big reveal wasn't a surprise.

I also found the language and tone a bit off, it felt too modern at times and pulled me out of the story to question whether someone from that period (victorian or earlier?) would say that. I also found the speech flowery and there were too many boring scenes where Ann is cleaning.

I didn't hate it but it's just an average story that could have been a lot more.
There's another book in the series but based on this I'll be giving it a miss.