24 Festive Tasks: Door 15 Sinterklaas / St. Nicholas Day




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Task 1:  Write a book wish list to St. Nick.


Dear Santa, 


Please may I have one (or all) of the following as I have been a very good girl this year (unfortunately).


Rolling in the Deep - Mira Grant 

The Order Of Genocide: Race, Power, And War In Rwanda - Scott Straus 

The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories, Volume Two - Grant Allen,Eliza Lynn Linton,Allen Grove 

Year's Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2 - Andrew Darlington,Tim Miller,Tim Waggoner,José Cruz,Randy Chandler,Bryan Smith,Wrath James White,Marvin T. Brown,William Grabowski,Cheryl Mullenax,Jeremy Thompson,Adam Cesare,Paolo Di Orazio,Eric LaRocca,Stephanie M. Wytovich,Stefanie Elrick,Jasper Bark,A 

Reborn - F. Paul Wilson 




Task 2: You are King / Queen for the day and can have 3 ‘wishes’:  one for yourself, one for your community (however you define it), and one for the world: What are they?


Myself - Spend more time reading, relaxing and making time for family and social interests.


Community - End the madness of Brexit and just get on with it, no more referendums, no appeasing the EU, just leave even if it's with a 'no deal'. Britain will be fine but the constant fucking up on the part of the politicians is creating tension that will boil over soon.


The World - Everyone just needs to take a collective breath, we are teetering on the edge of no return. I am dumbfounded at times at the lack of common sense in todays society and how far people are wiling to go in the name of 'I'm right and you're wrong'. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and respect of all political, cultural and religious views needs to be the norm.


Task 3: If your holiday family traditions should include bowls or plates filled with gingerbread, cookies, oranges / tangerines, chocolate, nuts and the like, share a photo with us!


My mum has a paper mâche Santa carrying a sack that we used to fill with chocolates. I don't think my mum has done this for a few years although the Santa still gets put out on the window sill as a decoration. I don't have a photo of it unfortunately. 


Task 4: List your 3 favorite books involving children being rescued from serious peril.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPré 


Harry being rescued by Firenze in the forbidden forest.


NOS4A2 - Joe Hill 


Vic rescuing her son from Charlie Manx in Christmasland



The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins 



 Katniss risks her life to obtain medicine that saves Peeta's life.



Book: with an orange or red cover or with nuts, chocolate or coins on the cover, set in The Netherlands or Germany, by a Dutch or German author, or with canals or beer on the cover.




4* read 29/12


5 points earned for Door 15


Total - 80