In The Cold Dark Ground

Logan McRae (10) - In the Cold Dark Ground - Stuart MacBride

The tenth story in the Logan McRae series see him dealing with a missing person murder, a brewing drug turf war, a new superintendent who takes a dislike to him, DCI Steel, professional standards and the usual bevy of unsavoury characters that tend to crop up. There's also the impending decision to take Samantha off life support and the death of Wee Hamish Mowat which puts him in the crosshairs of lunatic henchman Reuben.


I love this series but I do wish there was some happiness for Logan in his personal life, I think he's suffered enough over the last few books and whilst it was sad it was also time for him to let Samantha go. Aside from this it was the usual black humour and break neck speed of the story that kept me glued to it for the two days it took me to read it. Another fantastic addition to the series which for the first time truly tested Logans ethics and left me wondering what direction this character will now go.