Eating Sarah

Eating Sarah - Jaret Martens


Mix one highly dislikable MC, a group of supporting characters you could care less about and a plot that is inconsistent at best and you get this hot mess.

The premise was decent enough, a dystopian tale set in an unknown time period where forest dwelling cannibals do a monthly hunt to provide supplies from the nearby city. In an attempt to bolster their numbers they lower the age for participation giving our MC, Sarah, her first hunt. It all ends in disaster and Sarah is relegated to the slaughter shack as a punishment. There she comes into contact with Troy, a city dweller she saw in the woods before he was taken captive. As she gets to know him she starts to question why  her community lives the way they do.





I don't even know where to start with this, there was so much that irked me about the story, characterisations and writing itself. I found the MC unsympathetic, I never felt concerned for her welfare, especially as the author had plenty of white knights to save her. Her mother and father had a personality transplant after her disastrous first hunt, the mother especially came across as some demented Disney baddie. None of the supporting characters came across well, they had all done horrendous things and the author had not written them with any nuance to flesh them, just one dimensional story props whose behaviour changed radically, without notice, to fit the story.

The writing is clunky and there was no flow to the story, the author stuck flowery, over descriptive prose throughout the book which just felt forced and detracted rather than added to the read.

I was excited to get to this as it's been on my TBR for a few years now and I had just finished the excellent Inside the Outside and was on a cannibal binge.

So disappointed, and to top it off it ends on a cliff hanger, right in the middle of an attack!!!