January 2019 Monthly round up





Not a fantastic start to the year with only 10 books read but it's a start. I really need to start setting aside some time for concentrating on reading instead of fannying around online.


Here's what I read and when I finished them.




Logan McRae (10) - In the Cold Dark Ground - Stuart MacBride   5* - Tartan noir at its best. Love Logan McRae.

Shock Totem 1: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted - K. Allen Wood,Jennifer Pelland,Don D'Ammassa,David Niall Wilson,Brian Rappatta,Kurt Newton,Mercedes M. Yardley,Les Berkley,Pam L. Wallace,T.L. Morganfield,Brian Rosenberger,William Ollie  3.5* - A couple of really good stories but not interested in the interviews.

Winterworld Volume 1: La Nina - Chuck Dixon,Butch Guice,Diego Rodriguez,Robbie Robbins,Tom B. Long  3* - Decent enough story but wasn't impressed with the artwork.

Postal Vol. 1 - Bryan Hill,Matt Hawkins,Betsy Gonia  4* - Good art, story and characters, will look at getting Vol 2.

Dog Years 3: Return to Moreau Labs (Pavlov's Dogs) - Thom Brannan,D.L. Snell  4* - Decent addition to the Pavlovs Dogs novella series, the best of the 3.

Monster Town - Brian M. Logan  4* - Fun novella that had a nice twist. 

Inside the Outside - Martin Lastrapes  4.5* - Fantastic cannibal read only let down by the anticlimactic ending.

Eating Sarah - Jaret Martens  1* - Just ugh!!

Deadly Class Volume 1: Reagan Youth TP - Wesley Craig,Rick Remender,Lee Loughridge  3* - Okay read but won't continue with series.

The Fuse Volume 1: The Russia Shift - Justin Greenwood,Antony Johnston  2* - Terrible art, every character looked like their face was melting.






Inside the Outside - Martin Lastrapes  Logan McRae (10) - In the Cold Dark Ground - Stuart MacBride  



What I"m currently reading


Wedding Night - Sophie Kinsella 



This ones not grabbing me like her books usually do, that might change a little further in.


Requiem for a Dream - Hubert Selby Jr.,Darren Aronofsky,Richard Price 




The writing is tricky to follow but it's certainly keeping my interest.


Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens 



Not sure why I can't get into this one. I either need to put in some serious reading time  or set it aside and go back to it at another time. This was picked by Boo for my first read of Jan so I'll just blame her. ;)



My Jan book buys



Force of Nature: A Novel - Jane Harper  Zero Saints - Gabino Iglesias  Killing Pretty: A Sandman Slim Novel - Richard Kadrey  Out Behind the Barn - Chad Lutzke,John Boden  Stirring the Sheets - Chad Lutzke  Carter & Lovecraft - Jonathan L. Howard  The Fisherman - John Langan  Rolling in the Deep - Mira Grant  


What I want to read in Feb


My current reads hopefully and then these three books



Joyride - Jack Ketchum  Goon - Edward Lee,John Pelan  Graverobbers Wanted: No Experience Necessary - Jeff Strand  



That's me for the month, I hope everyone has had a good start to the year. 


And just cause.....