F9 - Michael McBride Dr Harding has been personally touched by the increasing rate of violence in society and wants to find out why this is occurring. He wishes to interview one of the first mass murderers, however the man responsible for 9 peoples deaths in 1968 is in a vegetative state. With the use of medical technology, Dr Harding is able to communicate with him and attempts to obtain the answers he so desperately wants. Will he regret asking those questions?

I've read one of Mr McBride's stories before, Remains, and was really impressed with his fusion of science and horror in the novella. This same seamless fusion is evident in this read, the technology is a bit mind boggling but it's obvious that a huge amount of research has gone into this book. I would agree with some of the other reviews that state the ending was predictable, however the way it was delivered was fantastic. The ending is something I'm still pondering over, a good sign that this read has got under my skin. Recommended.