Nightsiders - Gary McMahon

Received and read as part of Darkfuse book club books of the month.

Robert and his family are escaping the city, after a horrific incident, to settle in the country and try to rebuild their lives. On arrival at their new home, they find that another family is already in residence with supposed proof that the house belongs to them.
What starts out as a normal run of the mill house invasion story soon descends into something far more horrifying. Robert's character is really well drawn and you feel his frustration and anger at the hopelessness of his situation. The family in residence are a nasty bunch who taunt Robert at every turn. You really root for his character even though some of his actions are extremely questionable.
At just after the half way mark this story takes a sharp turn in plot development to a storyline that I would have never seen coming and one that I found to be far more unsettling than the home invasion. This story stayed with me longer after finishing, for me that is the mark of a great read. An author to watch out for. Highly recommended.