The Hoard - Alan Ryker Skin craawlingly good

This is my first Alan Ryker read and on the strength of it will most definitely not be the last.
The story revolves around Anna and her son Peter. Anna is a hoarder, whose family home is now uninhabitable. She is forced to stay with Peter and his family whilst APS assess her home. Whilst her home may not be fit for human habitation, something is finding it an ideal place to live and breed!

This is a fantastic little story that really (literally) gets under your skin. The descriptions of the house are so vivid you could practically smell the garbage and rot.
For me this story highlights mankinds susceptibility to invading foreign organisms, be it viral, bacterial or otherwordly bugs. The story never explains the origins which I think make it all the more horrific.
A well paced read that is highly recommended.