Puppet Graveyard - Tim Curran
There's something inherently creepy about puppets and Piggy is no exception to this. He is a nasty, foul mouthed puppet who is the property of ventriloquist, Roddy McBane although you could seriously question who is controlling who!

Kitty is looking for her sister who has been missing for the last few months and her investigations take her to The Bamboo Lounge, where Roddy and Piggy stage their act.

As Kitty digs deeper she finds some disturbing information regarding Roddy, his family and their home.

This read was seriously disturbing, one scene involving Kitty and Piggy had me reading it in disbelief, I couldn't believe the author would write something like that. The last few chapters were extremely engrossing and the final confrontation in the McBane house is horrifying. My only gripe would be the very abrupt ending.