Mask of the Macabre - David      Haynes

This is 4 stories that are cleverly linked and have an authentic victorian gothic feel in each story. The stories are as follows:

Mask of the Macabre - A magician who performs a gruesome stage act hides a secret that an admirer of his show is determined to find out. This was my least favourite story, it got a bit confusing for me although the other stories helped to clarify the ending more.

Doctor Harvey - A doctor in an asylum becomes interested in his newest inmate but will the 'doctor' want to hear the tales he has to tell. This was my favourite of the four, I loved the ending.

Momento Mori - A photographer who specialises in death photography is given a special assignment.

The New Costume - An entertainer begins a new chapter in his life and career. An unsettling but great ending to the quartet.

This is a gruesome read without being over the top and the author does a great job in building atmosphere and suspense in such a short read. I will definitely be checking out the authors other works.