The Bleeding Season - Greg F Gifune My very first Gifune read and what a way to start.

The story centres around childhood pals who decide to investigate a friends suicide after playing a disturbing tape left by him insinuating he was a serial killer. The story soon points to reasons that are much darker.

My first thought is this, why is this guy not better known? He must be horrors best kept secret.
After reading the first few chapters several things were clear.

1. The man can write! The story flows effortlessly and the pacing is just right.

2. The editing is razor sharp, there is not an ounce of unnecessary literary fat on this novel. It is a lean mean read. No five page descriptions of the weather or the scenery, it gets straight to the point. Love it!

3. He writes characters that you care about, flaws and all.

Mr Gifine, is a major talent and I'm so glad I discovered his work through the Darkfuse Book Club.