Lesser Creatures - Peter Giglio




This is a vastly different take on zombies and it really brings something fresh to the genre which has become pretty tired recently.
It also says something about society and how it treats those that are 'undesirable', seen as a plague and an economic burden.

My favourite aspect of this read was the love stories that were central to the plot, the relationship between Eric and Monika really drew me into the story especially Monika's POV as a second lifer.

The read was paced nicely, the writing flowed beautifully and characters were well developed for such short read. For me the only things I felt were lacking were some queries around the initial outbreak or beginning of second lifers. This aspect of the novel was confusing and pulled me out of the story towards the end as it read as though more information had been given.

The ending was left very open and I hope that the author revisits this at some point to add more to the story.