Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran

Nightcrawlers - Tim Curran


Clavitt's field has a dark history as state investigator Kenney finds out when he is sent to oversee the recovery of bodies that have been found there. When two cops go missing during the investigation, Kenney soon comes face to face with the horrific existence that has lived underground for 200 hundred years.

Curran has yet again produced work that ensures readers can vividly experience the story. He manages to create an incredibly tense atmosphere and as a reader his descriptive writing places you right into the story, able to smell, feel and see everything that is going on. The characters were not as strong as some of the other stories I have read by Curran, but there's enough to keep the story moving forward. My favourite character was Elena Blasden, her character was the only one given any proper back story, without the back story it was hard to feel as invested in the characters.

I have mixed feelings about the ending as well, it didn't really fit in with most of the story but at the same time as cosmic, lovecraftian horror it certainly gave you something to think about.

Even when Curran isn't quite ticking all the boxes he still produces work that is highly imaginative and entertaining, I would readily recommend this to other readers.